Our history

Our history and our passion for Additive Manufacturing

Beam-it, specialized in additive manufacturing is born from Protoservice, a company that made the history of the rapid prototyping in Italy. It is the point of reference for hundreds of businesses willing to develop their specific ideas in a dynamic and professional world.

Since being founded in 1997, Beam–it boasts consolidated partnerships with the most prominent companies in the biomedical, aeronautic, aerospace, racing and industrial sector, besides important universities and research institutions.

The additive manufacturing process commonly called 3D printing is a state-of-the-art technology for the realisation of three-dimensional objects. The innovative laser melting process used by Beam-it permits to generate metallic parts starting from even the most improbable CAD drawings. The ytterbium doped fibre laser melts the fine metallic powders obtaining extreme complex and light functional 3D parts, impossible to create with the traditional production techniques.


Our equipment

Beam-it is the biggest Italian and one of the most important European additive manufacturing companies, disposing of:

- 5 DMLS machines
- 3 SLM machines
- 4 SLS machines
- 2 EBM machines

producing a vast range of plastic and metallic materials.

Equipped with a machine park of 14 appliances, Beam-it is the largest Italian company of Additive Manufacturing and certainly amongst the biggest in Europe. It uses the laser technologies
- DMLS, 5 systems
- SLM, 3 systems
- SLS, 4 systems
- EBM, 2 systems
with wide range of quality materials.


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