The innovations of additive manufacturing, commonly called 3D printing, enter into the Automotive market with the automotive additive manufacturing.

The additive manufacturing technology facilitates the production of prototypes and parts on demand with a short lead-time. It also simplifies the transition to production and increases the security standards.

Metal additive manufacturing in the automotive sector.

From now on, the automotive and racing manufacturing make fully part of the additive manufacturing world.

Which are the advantages of the Additive Manufacturing for the automotive sector?

The additive manufacturing technology, not only in the automotive sector, lowers the production costs. Moreover, it increases the flexibility of design thanks to fewer restrictions and new processes.

The possibilities, complex geometries and challenging constructions are endless compared to the traditional production process. The manufacturing of future vehicles will be more lean, safe, efficient and simplified together with an incredible cost reduction.

Additive manufacturing in the automotive sector implies that the car constructors will have to change their business model: a real revolution in the automotive field.

The first fully printed car is already a reality; it is called Strati and has been officially presented at the International Manufacturing Technology Show of Chicago.
The car components and spare parts have been fabricated in a thermoplastic material, which is characterized by high performances at low costs.

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