Beam-It is glad to inform you that on November 18th and 19th it will have a leading role in the Additive Manufacturing Meetings held in Turin, an international business to business gathering focused on the Additive Manufacturing and 3D technologies.

Ceipiemonte additive manufacturing meetings

This event is based on a program of pre-organised and personalized meetings between the representatives of worldwide companies, who will discuss the development of new business opportunities and production solutions within the additive manufacturing world.

Additive manufacturing is an innovative technology, which is revolutionizing the traditional production processes. Components are created by taking away material instead of adding it and by melting powder layers using either a laser or an electron beam.

The choice to apply additive manufacturing can be translated in the following advantages:
– Cost saving production method (less raw material usage)
– Time effective
– Reduction of production downtime
– Manufacturing flexibility
– Modifications are straightforward and quick to accomplish
– Creative product development
– Environmentally friendly (recycling of raw material)

The additive manufacturing meeting is organised by Abe (Advanced business events). For further information visit the internet site

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