3D printing or Additive Manufacturing? The additive manufacturing process used by Beam­.IT, commonly called 3D printing is a state­ of­the art technology able to create three­dimensional parts.

Beam­.IT has chosen additive manufacturing to modernize and grow, acquiring the most advanced equipment as well as a specialized personnel at the disposal of those companies willing to innovate their products. The additive manufacturing technology makes use of special printers to realize low­cost three­dimensional objects and is a real revolution for numerous industrial companies active in the architectural, building, jewellery, mechanical, medicine, fashion and nautical field.

The 3D printing process consists in the deposition of layers of different materials through laser heads or nozzlesor similar techniques as stated by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) the internationalstandards organization based in the United States.

3D printing is an additive production process and therefore called additive manufacturing. 4 different subprocesses can be distinguished according to their specific production method, in particular the use of photosensitive polymers, the melting of thermoplastic materials, the lamination of sheets and the fusion of powder layers.

The most antique of the 3D printing processes is the stereolithography. On the other hand, in case of fusion of thermoplastic materials, the 3D printing (AM) occurs through the selective deposition and layering of the above­mentioned materials, previously fused by means of a point source. In case of 3D printing based on the lamination process technique, the production occurs by means of a continuous layering of material. Last but not least, there is the powder fusion technique where the deposited powder layers subsequently are radiated by a localized heat laser source.

The first method used for the layer deposition is the SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) process where the deposited powder layers are selectively fused by means of a special laser . The other method, called powder spraying, consists in a local deposition of the powders, fused by laser as well. The main advantage of the 3D printing and of the additive technologies in general is the freedom and speed in producing with the utmost accuracy complex or less complex parts

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