“The extended organization of BEAMIT Group is created to serve and support customers with a true 360-degree service span as well as greater investment capacity and financial strength, in order to become even stronger to meet further market challenges, while securing total reliability for customers into this journey together. Ready for a new Era.”
Mauro Antolotti – President


Operating in the field of AM with metal powders for 25 years, BEAMIT Group is one of the most advanced AM service providers in the world: a truly global Additive Manufacturing (AM) hub offering a fully integrated value chain.

Based in Fornovo di Taro (Parma, Italy), the company counts over 120 employees and close to 60 dedicated AM systems distributed across 7 facilities in Italy and the UK.

BEAMIT Group specialises in high-end metal AM components for demanding industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Racing and Industrial engineering.

The Group’s strategy has focused on investments and acquisitions for several years now to achieve global leadership, thereby ensuring the offering of a fully comprehensive value chain to the large global OEMs.

One-Stop Shop is here, ensuring that BEAMIT Group is clearly positioned as strategic partner in major projects and long-term agreements, offering the most comprehensive range of services.



3D printing has the potential to change the component production landscape, and achieve unprecedented levels of sustainability: only just the right amount of material is used during production, remaining powders are recycled for future projects, and energy consumption is lower as is the impact on emissions.



Safety is all about people, that we consider as our most powerful asset. Additive Manufacturing is a safe manufacturing technology requiring less manual activity compared to other technologies. Minimal human involvement reduces risk considerably.



We strongly believe talent and ethics are key to achieve success. BEAMIT is an inclusive employer and promotes the value of diversity as a competitive advantage. We are striving to reduce gender-gap in AM industry by increasing the number of women in key roles.