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BEAMIT Group among élite achieving Nadcap Welding accreditation – AM commodity.

Fornovo di Taro (Parma, Italy), April 27, 2021

Remarkable achievement for BEAMIT: Nadcap Welding accreditation with merit, the highest standard in Additive Manufacturing to serve Aerospace and Aviation industries.

A very rich spring for BEAMIT Group with a number of remarkable achievements, and still more to come. After proof-pointing the high-performance AM process for Ti6242 alloy, acquiring UK-based 3T Additive Manufacturing and launching 3D printed super duplex together with strategic partner Sandvik, BEAMIT outstanding capabilities continue to unfold.

BEAMIT has been successfully audited by Nadcap PRI Task Group and gained a merit mention on welding and Additive Manufacturing. BEAMIT team was extremely pleased to be recognized all along the process as fully consistent and highly professional: no negative findings were raised, taking the company straight into its first accreditation among top class organizations in the world.

Following AS/EN 9100 certification obtained in 2015 to work with the most demanding industries such as Aerospace and Aviation, during April 2021 BEAMIT has been accredited for Nadcap Welding – Additive Manufacturing commodity – as a result of great teamwork and several years meticulous preparation work along with deep knowledge of strategic project management. Luca Bicchierri, Global Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Manager BEAMIT Group, said “Top management commitment has been key throughout the process. The enthusiasm and determination to succeed was disseminated into every function and every department, at all levels in the organization. One Mindset, One Voice based on several years of experience in the Aerospace Business”.

BEAMIT has a recognized capability to satisfy every industry and every customer regardless from dimensions and location around the world: with a well-established fully integrated value chain and a robust strategic vision, the company has reached unprecedented notoriety for its high standards and has rapidly become one of the most advanced additive manufacturing service providers in the world.

Michele Antolotti, General Manager BEAMIT S.p.A. said: “This is yet another important milestone for us in view of the industrialization of AM within the most demanding fields of application. Alignment of our quality management system and processes with Customer’s requirements is a top priority for leveraging the adoption of special processes in the AM value chain and scale up the reliability of the whole system.”

The merit mark gained for consistency by the team managing this process throughout all delicate key phases tells that BEAMIT Group is now ready for the next leap forward.  

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