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BEAMIT Group and ZARE join forces in AM sector

Fornovo di Taro (Parma, Italy),  August 4, 2020

BEAMIT and ZARE, the two European leading Additive Manufacturing service partners are coming together to create the most trusted and reliable advanced manufacturing partner in the world.

Some significant facts in life happen with a great sense of pride. Especially when passion and shared vision generate a great project and bring it to life. Today, BEAMIT and ZARE are pleased to announce a merger resulting in a new organization counting over 100 employees, with operations across 5 plants concentrated in a 40 Km area between Parma and Reggio Emilia, in the most industrialized and innovative district of the European Region. The structure is completed by 4 commercial offices in France, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan.

Both companies will continue to operate with their brands, but activities will converge into BEAMIT Group, whose specialization is to provide a comprehensive range of materials, processes, technologies and certifications to the international Aeronautical, Aerospace and Defence, Energy, Motorsport, Oil & Gas, Transportation & Industrial sectors.

Following the recent integration of PRES-X, the first and only hub-ecosystem is now officially taking off in the world of competences, processes and technologies available to the market in order to bring Additive Manufacturing into a new industrial and digital dimension. With this new set-up the Group mission is to make customer life and processes easier in all crucial strategic activities through fully integrated operations with unique partner services.

BEAMIT SpA is based in Italy, with over 22 years of experience in metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) and more than 30 metal AM dedicated systems, resulting in one of the most significant worldwide footprints in AM sector. The company is a highly trusted supplier of advanced metal AM-components to demanding industries like aerospace, automotive, energy and racing and holds a number of relevant quality certifications, including AS9100:2016 for aerospace and NADCAP approval (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program).

ZARE srl, operating since 1963, has progressively grown into a highly trusted integrated Additive Manufacturing service bureau, devoting its activities to the production of complex components for motorsport, aerospace, automotive and oil&gas. ZARE’s services include quality assurance and certifications like AS9100:2016 and IATF 16949. Technologies offered are based on 25 different AM types, 10 CNC machines and a full range of services supported by a highly motivated and dynamic team of 50 people.

PRES-X srl is an innovative company providing highly qualified solutions in additive post-processing, from de-powdering to precision surface finish technologies. PRES-X has been the first company in the world to install a HIQ60 system, an equipment designed specifically for AM parts. The HIQ60 System, located in Italy, performs heat treatments at high pressure, with specific features for a complete thermal cycle control, allowing to perform Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) and heat treatment at the same time.

Mauro Antolotti, BEAMIT President said: “I had the opportunity to meet special people and courageous entrepreneurs, Sauro Zanichelli and Andrea Pasquali. The idea to grow the Group further was born during one of these meetings: BEAMIT, PRES-X and ZARE. The extended organization is created to serve and support our common customers with a true 360-degree service span as well as greater investment capacity and financial strength, in order to become even stronger to meet further market challenges, while securing total reliability for present and new customers into this journey together. The Group is now officially launched: our claim is [we were] “born for you to stay by your side”.

Andrea Pasquali, ZARE General Manager said: “We have known Mauro for quite a long time and when he shared with us the challenging project he had in mind, we were truly impressed by the potential that the creation of the Group would generate. As he explained the amazing scenarios obtained by our merger, we immediately realized the huge step forward that this would bring in additive manufacturing as well as the maximization of customer service: a must for ZARE. With the Group, process optimization and integration will be unprecedented: this will enable to unlock new opportunities and break process limits that are still difficult to overcome today. Integrated additive manufacturing is finally concrete: this Group is ready for the market.”

Michele Antolotti, BEAMIT General Manager said: “Despite the world economic consequences relating to the wave generated by the pandemic situation, joining forces is a strategic way to react and support high-end companies into their ramp-up of new product development. This highly strategic way forward would never become a reality without the continuous presence and collaboration with a trusted partner as Sandvik, whose equity participation in BEAMIT took place exactly one year ago.”

Andrea Scanavini, BEAMIT Group General Manager said: “Having the opportunity to lead this new high-tech hub is a chance that very few people can experience in real life. Being here at the very moment where it all starts off, is an even rarer event. In the region of motor valley, the biomed district, the agri-food district and machine automation business fully recognized as worldwide excellences, a brand-new excellence is born today in Emilia Romagna region. The world’s leader in advanced manufacturing. The combination of skills of women and men at the heart of these companies have been very successful so far and will now merge into one extraordinary reality. We’re writing history.”

The Board of Directors of the new set-up sees equal representation of BEAMIT and ZARE top management, securing that the alliance will continue to be inspired by the strong passion and vision that has progressively allowed both companies to become market leaders in the world of additive manufacturing technologies. The souls of BEAMIT and ZARE merge together to create something unique, never seen before in the world.

The acquisition of ZARE establishes BEAMIT/Sandvik Group among the most significative, highly trusted and recognized advanced manufacturing partners in the world.

Special thanks to consultants supporting and following the operation: Andrea Longoni and Lino Barbieri (KPMG), Andrea Romersa and Cristian Poldi Allai (PPI Reggio Emilia), Luca Fazzini and Mario Donadio (Studio Legale Leading Law, Turin).

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