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BEAMIT Group, the first to become a One-Stop Shop industry

Il Gruppo BEAMIT in prima linea per la formazione dei giovani attraverso la collaborazione con ITS Maker di Fornovo.

Fornovo di Taro (PR), June 3, 2021

The BEAMIT Group, led by President Mauro Antolotti, unveils the new market position bringing the company even closer to customers.

Market dynamics are changing faster than ever before: we have witnessed the dizzying acceleration triggered by the pandemic that struck at the start of last year. Since then the large OEMs have reacted by restructuring their supply chains in search of partners with a solid position to manage the entire value chain in a secure, reliable manner.

With forty-eight years’ experience and a strategic vision for creating successful new businesses in special processes and thermal spray coating, BEAMIT Group President Mauro Antolotti has been remarkably farsighted and had already captured the weak market signals which would later mark the beginning of this new era.

Antolotti had understood that, unlike in the 1980s and 2000s when the splitting of the value chain was an advantage, future scenarios would reward dynamic companies capable of offering one solid, well-controlled chain; in short, a ONE-STOP SHOP.

And it was precisely thanks to this very clear vision that he gathered a top-notch team into the BEAMIT Group with a structure capable of handling the new challenges posed by the market.

Furthermore, the Group’s strategy has focused on investments and acquisitions for several years now to achieve global leadership, thereby ensuring the offering of a fully comprehensive value chain to the large global OEMs.

“We arrived at the right time,” explains Mauro Antolotti, “Due to the pandemic, large OEMs have redrawn their supply chain strategy by searching for proper partners that can meet all their requirements, and carefully avoid outsourcing a strategic part of their ability to innovate to multiple suppliers, which would logically negatively impact logistics efficiency and the standard of product quality.”

With the creation of XLab, a laboratory set up at the headquarters of the subsidiary PRES-X right in the heart of the BEAMIT Group’s activities, the company now has a genuine centre of excellence in the world of laboratory and non-destructive testing, and the value chain envisioned by Mauro Antolotti has naturally become a reality. This enables the BEAMIT Group to offer a truly unique model that would be hard to replicate, which in addition to an exclusive supply of instruments, machinery and equipment also covers all the phases and know-how in the additive process.

The ONE-STOP SHOP is now here, ensuring that the BEAMIT Group is clearly positioned as strategic partner in major projects and long-term agreements, offering the most comprehensive range of services: additive engineering and design, powders, proprietary materials, printing, depowdering and component cleaning, heat treatments, HIPing, mechanical machining, special processes, chemical milling, dry electropolishing, drag finishing, coatings, laboratory testing, chemical analyses, endurance tests, non-destructive testing, X-rays and tomography, and functional tests on components.

A key part of the strategy devised and produced by Mauro Antolotti is the partnership with Sandvik, as he explains, “In addition to the vision, expertise, market intelligence and technologies, it is also fundamentally important for a company to rely on a partner guaranteeing financial strength if it wants to stand out in such a competitive market. As I predicted, the partnership with Sandvik has played a decisive role in our company’s success.”

Major projects with the leading international OEMs are currently launching that demand a great deal of preparation and top-quality performance, a sole partner and a stringent policy for the security and confidentiality of data and component specifications. This is why the development plans formulated by President Mauro Antolotti favour setting up exclusively customer-centric plants fully custom designed to meet the products and volumes requested.

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