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BEAMIT Group provides innovative solutions to optimize and improve AM component performance for the Energy industry.

We are an active partner in the Joint Industry Program (JIP) and joined the Technical Committee in February 2020 to develop the API 20S Standard, which will play a crucial role in AM with the qualification and use of specific guidelines for production in Oil & Gas industries.

3D printing for Energy

3D printing has massive potential in the Energy industry.
Component sustainability and efficiency are particularly relevant in the Energy sector. Using additive technology cuts timescales when producing new prototypes, carrying out repairs and printing spare components. It also enables designers to create the complex shapes typically needed for components, such as impellers, wheels and turbines, in which minimum weight and maximum strength are key.

BEAMIT Group has produced many prototypes for this industry in recent years and the imminent publication of the API 20S Standard will lead to a broader adoption of AM technologies across the sector.

3D printed Impeller in Superduplex for offshore industry - Sandvik AM's photo



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