Heat treatments

An integral part of the Group’s value chain is the specialist department for heat treatments, which are fundamental for achieving the highest levels of performance from components. They are subjected to very high temperatures or cooled to alter the microstructures of alloys or metals.
Our air and vacuum furnaces are NADCAP accredited, a critical requirement for the Aerospace sector, and undergo periodic pyrometry testing in line with the AMS 2750 standard (Aerospace Material Specifications).

The air system is used for Aluminum alloys, while vacuum furnaces are employed for many other materials, such as Titanium, Nickel-based superalloys, and Steel.


  • stress relief: effective for removing any stresses in a component.
  • solution heat treatment: uniformity of the structure and mechanical properties.
  • aging: maximizes hardness, mechanical strength and fatigue resistance.
  • T6: an aluminum-specific heat treatment.

Research and Development

The R&D department selects the most promising heat treatments for the newly processed materials as well as materials with known specifications so we can maximize performance.

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The manual or automated removal of the supports needed in 3D printing and finishing components with cutting-edge technologies enables us to achieve optimal surface quality.


BEAMIT Group has a specialist department for vacuum and in-air heat treatments, which are fundamental processes for achieving the highest levels of performance from an AM component.


Using innovative methods to remove residual powder, PRES-X technicians can ensure that the characteristic cavities associated with AM-designed components are fully depowdered.


PRES-X was the first company in the world to install a Quintus Technologies QIH 60 system, a technology specifically designed to perform high-pressure heat treatments on AM components.


PRES-X is the heart of research and development of innovative green DryLyte® electropolishing technologies, the first dry electropolishing system designed for the surface finishing of metal components.


At PRES-X, a method for fine-tuning and validating the chemical milling process has been developed, making it repeatable and controlled for every possible use.